Mensa Emag 2015 - The Upcoming Financial and Economic Crisis.

Short Version of the Presentation : Mensa Emag 2015 - The Upcoming Financial and Economic Crisis.
The Entire Uncut Video : https://youtu.be/IRv-eegN37k
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Economic Cycles are a natural phenomenon. Booms and busts are clearly identified with hindsight in the financial markets. Lately many political institutions such as governments, central banks, IMF, World Bank etc. have tried to corner natural economic cycles. This has an accumulating effect on the crisis to follow. With little tools to contain the next inevitable crisis, we will try to foresee what could be the solutions, what is the most likely outcome and perhaps, how to protect or gain from the future events.

First we will study through the concept of economic cycles and how it applied to the last crisis from 2008-2009. Then we will study the different economic indicators as well as indexes that clearly drive the markets and economies.

The Stock market inflation periodicity theory will be explained using mostly Central banks interest rates as a driver for the markets.

Finally, a warning about the next potential crisis unfolding from june 2015 will be explained as well as different outcomes and ways to prevent, protect or profit from potential future events.

To have more details about "The Stock Market Periodicity Theory" relate to the old post:

-JoëThierry Arys Ruiz

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